My name is Tim Goudriaan. I'm a developer living on caffeine in the suburbs of Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I build software that helps communities connect.

Tim Goudriaan

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My Story

Over the last 20 years I've been active as a programmer and DevOps engineer for websites of all forms and screen sizes. Building websites isn't just my daily job, it's also one of my biggest hobbies. Combined with my belief that we can achieve more if we work together, I've found refuge in the open-source community working under the value-for-value model.

Below are some of my projects that you can find online. You can also find some of my contributions hidden in the Symfony framework and other packages across the PHP and JavaScript ecosystems.

All the code I own is either already available, or is in the process of being published as open-source code. If one of the projects listed below provides value to you, consider sponsoring it.

You can also support me through a subscription by sponsoring me on GitHub so I can continue working on new and exciting projects that aren't publicly available yet.

My Work

No Agenda Show Website

The best podcast in the universe deserves the best website in the universe. The No Agenda Show website is a custom-built Symfony project optimized for getting the most out of the decentralized experience the show promotes through it's value-for-value model.

Octopod Web Components

To facilitate listening to podcasts from the web, I've launched Octopod, a collection of web components that integrate Podcasting 2.0-functionality into any website.

Troll Room Website

2 times a week, the No Agenda community gathers in the troll room to join the live production of the No Agenda Show. The website is a fork of The Lounge adapted to fit the needs of our trolls, combining the chat room and livestream into one outstanding product.

Symfony Docker Images

To run Symfony projects on Docker requires some set-up that's not provided by the framework. These images simplifies the set-up process so you can focus on writing code.

Onlinq Packages

Together with my colleagues at Onlinq, we work hard to support hundreds of small and big websites. We rely on open-source software to make this possible, so we've created some of our own.


Decentralization is important to me, so that's exactly what Conductor offers to PHP developers. Host your own private Composer registry, free and easy.

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